On The Farm - Frequent Questions
1.  How long does it take to go through the corn maze?
Between 1 - 1.5 hours. The time varies depending upon factors such as getting lost or completing the corn maze game.
2.  How long will it take to do all the activities on the farm?
About 3 hours. We offer many activities on the farm that can be repeated several times. However, although your admission price includes all activities on the farm it DOES NOT GUARENTEEE that you will complete all activities including a wagon ride. Customers will not be refunded money in the event all activities are not completed, so please plan accordingly.
3.  Is Weakland Farms easy to find?
Yes. We are located just a few miles south of 22, and a mile north of Portage, PA. For detailed directions and mapping, please refer to the Directions page on our site.
4.  Do you cancel the corn maze for bad weather?
The corn maze remains open during light to moderate rain fall, but we do reserve the right to shutdown for the day if the weather is uncooperative. If you are concerned about the weather, call us before you arrive to confirm if we are open. Better to be safe than sorry.
5.  Is the corn maze handicap accessible?
No. The terrain of the corn maze is rough and stony and can be difficult to maneuver a wheel chair through safely.
6.  Are pets permitted?
No. For the safety of our customers, workers, and farm animals, we do not permit pets on the farm.
7.  Do we need a flashlight at Weakland Farms?
Evening visits to the corn maze may require a flashlight.
8.  Do you sell fall decorations and crafts?
Yes. We sell an assortment of homemade and homegrown decorations and country items at Weakland Farms.
9.  Do you sell food and beverages?
Yes. We have a wide variety of delicious food prepared on site for your pleasure. We also have several varieties of drinks, including hot chocolate, soda, and water.
10.  Do you run your wagon rides at night?
No. Due to safety concerns, we do not provide wagon rides after 6:00pm.
11.  Do I need a reservation to go to Weakland Farms?
No. You can come at any time that we are open to the public.
12.  How many days in advance do I need to book a party?
Parties are booked at a first come first serve basis. The further in advance you book your party, the better chance you have of getting the time and day you want.
13.  Is Weakland Farms adult oriented as well as kid oriented?
Yes. Weakland Farms can be enjoyed by all ages. Weakland Farms makes you feel like a kid again.
14.  What kind of clothing and apparel do I need to wear?
Comfortable shoes are recommended for the distance required for the corn maze. Fields can get muddy at times, so choose the appropriate footwear. It is best not to wear shoes with heels. Also, dress according to weather conditions and temperature. See our website for the latest local weather.
15.  What makes Weakland Farms the best corn maze in the area?
We are one the largest corn mazes in West/Central Pennsylvania. We offer the most family fun for the price. We have a friendly staff to help you have an enjoyable day on the farm.
16.  Is Weakland Farms Corn Maze haunted?
No. For the safety of our guests and staff, the corn maze is not haunted. At Weakland Farms, we want to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for all ages.
17.  Can I drop my kids off at Weakland Farms?
No. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on the premises without a paying adult. To ensure a safe and comfortable environment, children should be monitored at all times.
18.  Are activities on the farm individually priced?
No, the admission into Weakland Farms gives you an all-inclusive pass to all our activities. Refunds will be not given for any activities not completed.
19.  How do you access the pumpkin patch?
The pumpkin patch is only accessible via a wagon ride.
20.  Does Weakland farms accept major credit cards?
Yes, major credit cards are now accepted.

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