Admission - Group Rates
Weakland Farms 2022 Season
September 10, 2022  -  October 30, 2022
Group Reservation Hours:
Friday:         - 4pm - 7pm
Saturday:         - 11am - 1pm
Sunday:         - 11am - 1pm
Group Price:
Per Person: $15.00
(Regardless of age or involvement)
Group Reservation Instructions:
1.   Call us at 814-999-1261 to book a reservation for your group.
2.   Print out and read all the information provided in the reversation form below.
3.   Fill out the reservation form and make sure to agree to our rules and guidelines.
4.   Hand in the reservation form when you arrive at Weakland Farms.
Group Reservation Form:
Included with Group Reservation:
  • All regular general admission activities
  • One Hot Dog (per person)
  • One Order of French Fries (per person)
  • One Choice of Drink (per person)
  • Reserved tables and chairs for 2 hours
  • Attentive service
  • Limited public interaction
Group Party Rules:
  • Must have a group of 20 people or more to get the group rate.
  • Must book or reserve a party in advance to get the group rate.
  • All group members, parents, guardians, chaperones, and guest are required to purchase admission. This admission price is at the group rate and is mandatory regardless of age or involvement. Again, all individuals, including young children and adults, must pay for admission into Weakland Farms if participating in a group function.
  • Tables are reserved for a maximum of 2 hours. Although your table reservations expire after 2 hours, your group is permitted to remain on the premises.
  • All group members must be on-time for a scheduled reservation. If your group is late, Weakland Farms reserves the right to adjust your party accordingly.
  • Booking a party does not give your group exclusive rights and sole access to the farm. Other parties and the general public may be on the premises.
  • Our staff will seat your group where we see fit based on group size, party timing, and the order in which you book.
  • Your group or party must have a designated individual in charge of organizing and monitoring group members. Weakland Farms does not provide a party coordinator.
  • No food items are permitted to be brought into Weakland Farms for parties, with the exception of cake and/or ice cream.
  • Cake and ice cream utensils, such as forks, knives, spoons, and serving dishes, are not provided by Weakland Farms. Please bring these items with you before arriving.
  • Decorations are acceptable with prior approval by the Weakland Farms' staff. Cleaning up these decorations is the responsibility of the party.
  • Weakland Farms reserves the right to eject any group members from the farm if rules are severely disobeyed and/or severe misconduct is observed.
  • When booking a party at Weakland Farms we ask that you estimate your number of guests within 5 people. You will be responsible for paying any differences above or below your estimate regardless of the number present.
Please read through our full list of rules and guidelines.

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