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Weakland Farms has a vast assortment of home grown and hand made products for you to purchase. Below are up-to-date lists of products we have for sale. We do our best to give you the most accurate information about our prices and inventory. Once an item is no longer in stock, the item will be removed from the lists below. Make sure to stop by Weakland Farms and check out our supply while it lasts.
  Autumn Crops
  Item Description Price and Quantity
1 Bales of straw Square bound bales of straw $6.00 each
2 Corn Stalks Each bundle consists of 8 corn stalks $4.00 per bundle
3 Gourds Normal gourd varieties $1.00 for 4
4 Mum flower - hanging basket 10 inch hanging basket hardy mum flower in assorted colors $15.00 each
5 Mum flower - small pot 8 inch small pot hardy mum flower in assorted colors $7.00 each
6 Pumpkins Pumpkin prices range by size $6.00 max
  Item Description Price and Quantity
1 Handmade Quilts Various colors, sizes and styles. Prices vary. $225.00 max
2 Handmade wooden santas, trees, and snowmen Large primitive and country style wooden santas, trees, and snowmen. Approximately 3 ½ ft tall. $40.00 each
3 Resin figurines Assorted country and primitive resin figurines. Prices vary. $2.00 max
4 Wooden signs Assorted primitive wooden signs $5.00 each
  Note: Prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed.
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