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In the showcase, we're talking about a couple of fantastic ladies' replica watches from Patek Philippe. These are the Nautilus ladies' watches reference number 7010 and we just love these watches. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is probably the most desirable watch of all. There is a name in the watch world called Nautilus that is evoking strong emotions in people. They immediately desire this watch. Once we posted one on our website, it got a lot of attention. You may be more familiar with the Nautilus models 5711 and 5712, but this is a great addition to the women's watch line because it is a nice size at 32mm.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 4700/1 Ladies Steel Black Dial

Early History

When you look at the history of the Nautilus, it was designed in the 1970s by the famous designer GéraldGenta, who had done the Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet only a few years before. The idea behind these two replica watches is that you can have a sporty watch made of the same materials as a high-end watch. Like its sworn enemy the Royal Oak, the replica Patek Philippe Nautilus watch is marketed as sports luxury replica watches . Just as the RO was truly a novelty for brands like Audemars, the Nautilus was completely disruptive to the rest of PP production (never mind that in the 1960s and 1970s, the AP was no longer the AP of today. all classics). Although this is definitely what you see, if you look back at the ladies replica watches of the past, they were really small. They often wore very small bracelets. So they looked like a piece of jewelry that was just right to prove time. These are more like medium-sized. They are 32 square millimeters square and definitely a watch that a woman could wear every day. You're wearing fine jewelry wearing a very fine timepiece, but because it's on a belt and because of the size, it's slightly toned down. It allows you to wear a little casual wear every day without having to worry about it. Over the years, the Nautilus collection has expanded to include men's and women's models in stainless steel and precious metals. This outstanding model is model 5726, presented at Baselworld 2010, which features an annual calendar complication and is powered by caliber 324 S QA LU 24H, and is the first stainless steel replica watch from Patek Philippe to feature an annual calendar complication.

Patek Philippe Watches

All the replica watches here are Patek Philippe reference 7010 and in keeping with Patek Philippe naming conventions, the white gold is Patek Philippe 7010G, which stands for the French word meaning white, while the Rosegold on the right is 7010R, which is all that is meant. Rosegold, replica Patek Philippe watches are listed as if you have found gold. Once again, Patek Philippe 7010J, in French, is yellow. That's what these letters mean. If you have ever wondered about Patek Philippe and its nomenclature, but these watches have the classic look of the replica Patek Philippe Nautilus ladies watch and the bezel has this soft round octagonal shape. It doesn't have as big a bolt head as you see on the Royal Oak. So it looks a little more refined, a little more feminine. From the side, they are also very thin and can be compared to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. It is a much thinner watch, easier to wear on a daily basis, and very beautiful. The dials on them are considered to be open hand-crafted silver dials, just like everything at Patek Philippe is absolutely gorgeous. The amount of sparkle and shine that you see in the diamond pieces that they do, which you can see in the video, is really, really beautiful. Something that any woman would love to have every day. They're set with 46 diamonds each. Together they make up about three-quarters of a carat, and Patek Philippe is different from some of the other watch companies out there.

They actually tell you what the quality grade of their diamonds is. They are full-cut, 58-sided diamonds. Exquisitely they are set to D to G color. So they're almost colorless, almost colorless, but they insist on using I F, which is an internally flawless diamond, and it's really incredible that they do that. They use that grade. These replica watches are quartz movements. One of the things I really like about them is the clasp, which you can see here. It's actually a Patek Philippe Nautilus on the clasp, which is a double deployment. So when you open it, it folds open. The wear of opening and closing it is on the gold, not on the leather. This allows the yare belt to last longer. It also removes that ugly part of the traditional tang buckle that goes through the belt buckle, so you don't see it in any of the better Patek designs, and it's a beautiful choice for any lady. If you notice on the dial, they are interesting compared to the more stylish replica Patek Philippe watches. These show that they are more sports-oriented, with hands full of looms. The same goes for the hour markers, which are more visible on the white gold because they are outlined in black, but on the rose gold, which I'm sorry to say is here, you can see that the hands are rose gold and filled with looms. It's a little bit softer in appearance but a little bit whiter than white gold, but if there are any legibility issues, the white gold Patek Philippe does offer high contrast and is easy to read. Either one would be a good choice. We have them in stock on Please visit our website at

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